Award winning best traditional matted albums

A professionally made album is a beautiful heirloom that you will have for years....something your children and grandchildren will want to see.


Cover Materials

From true leather to vegan options, silks, linens & more.


Cover Options

  • Cover Imprinting
  • Cut-outs & Indents. Add interest to a basic cover by incorporating a cameo image.
  • Cover tones. Mix any two or three materials for a personalized creation
  • Metallic print cover. Metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to a thin piece of metal.
  • A clear acrylic front cover panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside.
  • Image stripe. Bigger than a cut-out but smaller than a full cover.
  • A clear textured or smooth dark, non-breakable Plexiglas™ cover overlay.

Packaging Options

- Envelope

- Slipcase


Base Album Price: includes the first 10 leaves/20 sides and a single (non-upgrade) cover material

cover size Fuji lustre base album Fuji lustre additional leaf Hahnemühle German Etching base album Hahnemühle German Etching additional leaf
10x15, 11x14, 12x12 $1200 $60 $1500 $90
12x16, 12x18, 14x14 $1500 $90 $1800 $120